Disability is not an obstacle

We are a non-governmental organization that aims to increase the independence of individuals with disabilities in Lithuania and improve their social and economic life.

What we offer

Social taxi is a convenient and safe way of travel for people with disabilities. Trips are conducted by fully trained assistants in specially adapted vehicles. The service is provided in 7 Lithuanian municipalities at any time of the day.

From finding an employer to developing the necessary skills for a new career path - we help people with disabilities discover new opportunities in the labor market and gain the necessary skills to find a meaningful occupation.

For socially responsible businesses, Social taxi offers assistance related to the employment of people with disabilities, their integration into the team, and adaptation of the workplace. We also offer company staff training on the topic of disability etiquette, the purpose of which is to improve the inclusivity of the workplace as well as to provide better services to clients with special needs.

Transport and individual assistance

Professional rehabilitation

Training for companies

Services for bedridden patients

Social taxi also provides transportation and escort services for bedridden persons and their accompanying persons. Trips are carried out in a vehicle specially adapted for bedridden patients,

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Transport is still a luxury for a part of Lithuanian society, even though it is only a service that meets basic needs. Contribute to the change you want to see by supporting us.

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